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Developer Questionnaire


Orlando EB-5 Investments is seeking Development Projects

If you are a developer or an owner looking for capital for a project, please consider Orlando EB-5 Investments as a capital provider. We are a Regional Center approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (''USCIS'') for foreign investment into approved EB-5 projects.

We concentrate on the State of Florida, and particularly Central Florida, Orlando and Tampa but we will look at projects in a number of other states.

We are interested in experienced owner/developers with solid reputations and a successful track record. Although we will look at a wide variety of projects, we concentrate on the following types of projects:
  • Assisted Living (ALF) and Memory Care (MC) Projects
  • Hotels/Entertainment venues
  • Multi-family/mixed use/commercial real estate facilities
  • Retail/manufacturing 
  • Medical/Biotech
  • Large or multiple smaller branded restaurant franchises 
The minimum capital investment to be raised by Orlando EB-5 Investments is generally $3.5 Million. Each foreign investor brings a $500,000 investment into a project.

The Regional Center program requires that 10 new full time U.S jobs be created for each foreign investor. Therefore, almost all projects involve new construction or rehabilitation where a facility has been closed. However, you do not need to provide all 10 jobs. At least half of the new jobs are created as indirect or induced jobs through spending on the project. We will help determine the number of jobs through our economic models.

Our capital is usually viewed as "mezzanine" capital - that is capital that replaces common equity at much lower interest rates than equity providers demand. Our capital is typically deployed as preferred equity which is senior to developer/common equity. 

The preferred equity has a term of 5-7 years after which it is due. There is no principal amortization during the term, but the equity bears interest payable quarterly throughout the term of the loan.

Providing assurance of repayment is a key component of the criteria for a successful project.

Please contact us if you have an interest in our EB-5 program outlined above. (Click Here)

We would be pleased to review your project and determine if it qualifies for our EB-5 investment program. To get started we ask that you complete the attached form. We have not asked for confidential information in the form, only for the essentials of the project so that we can review it and determine eligibility. We will then contact you. (See below the Developer Questionnaire).

In the interim, if you need help understanding the program and our requirements, please contact us.
We will return your call or email as soon as possible.

G. Richard Hostetter 321-247-5404 


Developer Questionnaire

We would be pleased to review your project and determine if it qualifies for our EB-5 investment program.
To get started we ask that you complete the form:

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